Suhairi Alias

Programme Aims!

Graduates of the Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme are able to apply effective communication and negotiation skills in dealing with business operations and make effective and right judgements in decision making and problem solving at the operational level in the organization. Graduates from this course will also have the ability to think innovatively in dealing with domestic and international business operations and apply their knowledge of the importance of foreign exchange in international business transactions. Graduates will have the knowledge and ability in adapting to changing with government procedures, regulations and documentations pertaining to domestic and international logistics. They will also gain competency and strong understanding of fundamental, current knowledge and skills for effectiveness logistics management. Graduates will be able to apply this knowledge with the right professional attitudes and ethics in their career enhancement, professional advancement and organizational growth as well as recognize the importance of life-long learning in meeting the ever changing needs of the business environment.


    The Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme, is one of the most popular and much sought after qualifications by employers throughout the world. It is developed with the view in assisting the management to plan, implement, and apply newly acquired skills in various logistics and supply chain industries. The course content is designed in such a way that it incorporates all aspects of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, thus educating and equipping the students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the related fields.